The say I am hard to follow, unstable, unpredictable….


Oh well…..

My nomadic life suits me, I love adventure, I love to follow my heart’s calling and so far I feel I have always been at the right place, right time. There is magic and wonder in not knowing what your next adventure will be. I easily adapt to change and love meeting new people, it makes me feel alive. I have finally ( maybe not) settled a bit… in the beautiful mountains really close to Baie Saint Paul. Small house that needs lots of lovin’ but the view… omg the view that makes your spirit sing, on a faraway mountain that will provide some grounding and stability ( when i am there… hihi) Lots of light, lots of potential for a beautiful orchard, stillness and contemplation. I love it!

I have a new studio space in Baie St Paul as well, it is located at the Maison Mère, an old building where a few artist studios and small local businesses thrive. You will be welcome there, on Rendez Vous to see the new works to come, have a chat or get your creative juice flowing with a few art classes. Welcome!