Documentary Films Cris Baie James

Documentaries and short films of the Cree Ways, the wild North, art workshops with the Youth

It portrays the omnipresent forces that shape human life in the heart of the Nordic territory. She maintains special ties with the Cree people of James Bay. The sum of these encounters and the lessons they reveal constitute a reservoir of inspiration with inexhaustible potential for creation. Inspired by her own experience within the communities and the territory, she testifies in paintings and documentaries, essential links that unify all our relationships. A mystical universe that highlights the fascination she feels for the nature that inhabits her. Dominique stands out mainly for the holistic vision of his artistic expression and the sensitive manifestation of his work in flux.


A report by Mario Picard, La fabrique culturelle
Mario Picard meets the metis artist Dominique Normand in studio in Baie Saint Paul.

OTISH MOUNTAINS Canoe Brigade on Eastmain River with Mistissini Youth Council

A month in Canoe on the Eastmain River, James Bay
A month with a group of young people and four Cri guides to go up the Eastmain River, in the heart of the Otish Mountains, James Bay
A month canoe brigade with Cree Youth and Guides paddling up the Eastmain River in the heart of Otish Mountains, James Bay. This was the most intensely beautiful and transforming experience for me. I am forever grateful to have been invited to participate and film this expedition. Feel this item?

Tanning the Moose Hide the Cree Way - in Mistissini

Basic demonstration on how to tan a moose hide the Cree Way – Cree Language and English subtitles

I realized this short contemplative documentary for Social Development Mistissini by late Jane Blacksmith’s request. Working with this incredible woman was always a humbling and inspiring experience. You can learn a little on how to tan a moose hide with these simple steps the traditional way. Best is to visit the community of Mistissini and spend time with the people.

End of the voyage of the Nishiyuu from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa

The last 5 km

A short film celebrating the courage and determination of the Nishiiyu walkers who walked 3 months to bring a message of revendication of rights and hope. From Whapmagoostui to Ottawa.

Art and Canoe Workshops in the heart of the Cri Territory

Expedition and Artistic Workshops with a group of young Crees on the Chalifour River.

A short film produced during canoe expedition with Youth Healing Services group of Teens. Canoe, bush skills and art workshops. A short funny film to celebrate the joy of being together, to create and have fun in the heart of Cree territory, land of the Iseroff caretakers. I was invited by Social Services Mistissini to work with the Youth through art workshops, we did print, flintknapping, drawing, painting, drift wood decoration.

Thanks to Clifford Neeposh, chief of Bush Program for his friendship and invitation.

Mamweedow - The Traditional Gathering on Mistissini Lake, James Bay

A gathering of the Cree nation community of Mistissini on the shores of the big lake for summer celebrations

We all get together in July August to celebrate the traditions, play games, canoe races, fishing, prepare and enjoy wild meat harvested on the land.

Art and Travels in the bush

Bits and pieces of my travels in Cree Territory, Northern Quebec

Images of land, people and art

Walks in Forest - My friend Ron Cormier, MicMac artist flintknapper

A visit in Walks in Forest’s den-studio in Moncton

A short film about his inspiring studio and dwelling on the outskirts of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Eastern Eagle - editing of a video clip

A Tribal Spirit Production I edited for Eastern Eagle

Enjoy the sound and energy of this powerful music by Eastern Eagle, native drummers from Nova Scotia