Well well, it has been so long since the last blog. After my return from Australia in March, I started looking for a property to buy and finally make my nest. End of may, I found it. July, I bought it, and quickly started the renovations to make it comfy, safe and warm for the coming winter months. Four moons in a row, with the help of my amazing friends Jean Yves and Roch, some precious advice from my brother Eric, my friends Humberto and Laurence, and a few professionals, we made it happen. As we relentlessly destroyed some walls and structures, hammered, sawed, climbed, built, insulated, crawled, scavenged for materials, screwed, painted, installed, decorated, laughed and danced with joy as the project evolved into a small and beautiful home on the top of the hill. I am blessed to have been magically guided to this lovely quiet haven and to the people who helped me and supported me through the challenges of turning a very low quality construction into a safe and beautiful home with a majestic view on the mountain.


I can now start diving into art making again. I will spend more time in my studio in Baie Saint Paul from now on. The shift in energy from traveling and being a nomad for the last 12 years to finding solace and comfort in grounding on land, knowing I can finally anchor some roots again, has already started to manifest in my work. I feel a need to express more freely, to play, and to experiment in ways I have never allowed myself to do. I find it exhilarating and exciting. There is so much joy in embracing the mystery of creation and discovering what wants to be born.


I went to Hachem, and then Zone and went crazy on the purchase of new materials, new tools, paints, new mediums, sketching materials… Bring it on. The game has begun!

Here is a glimpse of the first attempts at loosening up and trusting the body, the impulses and intuition.

I have been wanting to work with simple and graphic elements such as shapes, flat colors, marks, using some shapes of tools, objects that relate to the history of first nation people along the Fleuve Saint Laurent. Last year’s travels along the river, and extensive research on the subject helped me find some interesting treasures I would like to include in my works.


I feel like an archaeologist, walking the land, searching for traces of history, sensing familiarity and finding great satisfaction in getting to know more about the life of my ancestors. The first paintings are just like that: snapshots of found objects, excavation sites, broken tools and objects, bits and pieces of history I am trying to put together like a puzzle.I know it is just the beginning, a transition to some deeper dimensions and meaningful finds, but for now, I am really enjoying the exploration and experience.


Stay tuned for some new products I have created with the awesome designs that I have been working on for while traveling along the Saint Lawerence River and while doing an art residency in Australia.