Inspiration from Indigenous cultures

His work is inspired by several years of travels in Northern Quebec, in Native Land. In the company of the Crees, living in the heart of the wilderness, or by canoeing or snowshoeing a multitude of lakes and rivers, Dominique gradually sees his perception of beings, things and life in general transform. The pace on the territory and in the Amerindian community of the North is different from what we know further South. Thus, She brings to life the omnipresent forces that mark and shape human life in the heart of the Nordic region. Since 2008, she cultivates and maintains these privileged links with the community of Mistissini, James Bay. The sum of these precious encounters and the lessons they reveal constitute a reservoir of inspiration with a rich and inexhaustible potential for creation. Dominique stands out mainly for his vision and holistic understanding of his environment and the sensitive and emotional manifestation of his work in flux.

The art of celebrating life

Portraits of the Cree people of James Bay, paintings of landscapes, teeming swamps and animals of the boreal forest, describe his passion for this people and these remote wild regions. The nomadic artist explores in photography, painting and video, themes that describe the daily life of the Cree people, the traditional activities of fishing, hunting, gathering and travel to exercise these activities, she becomes aware of the essential bond that unify all of our relationships. Her art is a celebration of life, the expression of a unique and passionate gaze.

You will find her work at her workshop in Baie-Saint-Paul, at the Mother House.
At the WallSpace Gallery in Ottawa,
as well as at the Ashukan Cultural Space in Montreal.

Between Montreal and Baie-St-Paul

After 30 years living in the Laurentians, north of Montreal, and once the children left home, she chose to settle on the shores of the river of great waters, the Saint Laurent, a living and fabulous passage way to the ocean. The river was host to her ancestors, of Mi’qmac, Algonquin and Maliseet descent. She finds new horizons there, unparalleled light, exceptional skies and mountain ranges whose plateaus recall the Far North. Baie Saint Paul is a community of artists, a must-see, long appreciated by lovers of art and beauty.

 Following a series of travels to Australia, where she had the privilege of creating along side with a group of Aboriginal artists, this tireless traveler returns with a new effervescence.

Canada C3

In July 2017, Dominique had the privilege of participating as a painter in the Canada C3 expedition, a Signature project organized as part of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. She was selected to participate in the adventure for LEG 5 (10 days aboard the Polar Prince icebreaker), from Saint Johns Newfoundland to Nain, Labrador.  Her latest series of painted works reflects this important achievement. The Canada C3 experience sparked a flood of observations and an aspiration to express in paint the poetry of the places visited. The echo of the stories and testimonies gathered during the meetings with the Indigenous participants and members of the Inuit communities that she met, led to deep reflexions and awareness of the hidden face of Canadian history.  In the wake of this series, which she named the Fogo Series, she imagines and realizes a space where possible realities are faced floating between two worlds, where she brings out her multiple interpretations of the world below.