“Rigolet is home to a variety of fish and wildlife. Atlantic salmon, arctic char, trout, seals, black bears, polar bears, foxes, martens, muskrats, otters, beavers, wolves, lynx and caribou can all be found here.

The countless ponds and lakes are breeding and nesting areas for several species of migratory birds, such as black ducks and geese. Partridges, also known as ptarmigan, rabbits and porcupine can also be found in the wooded areas around Rigolet.

From June to November, Minke Whales (locally called Grumpus) can be seen feeding just outside the Town’s dock. Humpback and Orca have also been seen in the Rigolet area.

Rigolet is also home to many talented artists and craft persons. Grasswork, carvings and a variety of clothing made from seal skin and moose hide are among the many wonderful arts and crafts which are produced in Rigolet.” (repris du site web de Rigolet)