What a joy to find myself amongst the 15 artists who took part in the C3 Expedition on the Polar Prince in 2017. We have been touched, moved and inspired and the body of works produced is a wonderful testimony to our experience in a journey into reconciliation, cultural diversity, youth engagement and environment. I feel blessed to have been chosen to live that short but very impressive experience that impregnated my vision and understanding of our challenges as a country and human beings. The experience lives on in my work and inspires me as I continue to spread the love that we shared on that wonderful voyage.

We, the artists, Lizzie Ittinuar, Sarni Pootoogook, Deanna Bailey, Soheila Esfahani,Anna Gaby-Trotz, Phil Irish, Benjamin Kikkert, Paula Murray, Dominique Normand, Geoff Phillips, Francine Potvin, Leslie Reid, Rachel Rozanski and Véronique Tifo and curated by Melissa Rombout.

This exhibition would not have been possible without the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada and the Canada Council Art Bank / Banque d’art du Conseil des arts du Canada teams, and our sponsors: Gretchen and Donald Ross, Randall Howard, Peter J. Poole, Bill Lockington, Birch Hill Equity Partners and Tarek Sherif.